Why set up your own campsite? Let Mr.B do it for you!


No Hassle

Tired of bringing your own tent and supplies to a music festival? Tired of setting up a tent in the heat of the summer, in a downpour, or in the dark of night, all after a long day of travel?… Then breaking it ALL down a few days later!


Let Mr. B’s Luxury Tent Rentals handle it all for you! This is like your home away from home! Great for travelers & groups of friends! We take care of everything… EVERYTHING!! All you have to do is pack a few changes of clothes, show up ready to relax and have some fun, and we’ll take care of the rest!



Best Rentals

Anything you need to get yourself comfortable, Mr. B’s has you covered with great quality equipment. Rent a tent for yourself, or everyone in your group. Want more Luxury?? Our Additional Amenities take Comfort to a whole new level…without breaking the bank! Add on anything from linens & pillows, to grills, and coolers…We even offer a Private Chill Zone for even more space to relax between shows, and enjoy added privacy and protection from the sun, rain, and other outdoor elements!

If you need anything while you’re there, our friendly staff is right on-site and available for your help. Forget something? Mr. B’s has you covered…Mr. B’s Festival Needs 24-Hour General Store that is! “If you forgot it, We brought it!” Sunscreen, Bug Spray, Rain Ponchos, Groceries, Candy & Snacks, Personal Care Supplies, Flashlights, Camping Gear, Glow Toys, Mud Boots and much much more! Enjoy the peace of mind, knowing you’re all taken care of should anything come up!

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Plus Perks

You’ll have more than just the peace of mind knowing you don’t have to set anything up, break it all down, or lug it all home with you; you’ll get to enjoy some of the EXCLUSIVE perks we only offer to customers who rent from us. Members will have access to the Community Chill Zone, which is located right in the area where you’ll be staying. Enjoy our large private tented area, with indoor games, activities, and refreshments. We also have outdoor games like Ladder Ball, Bean Bag Toss, Disc Golf, and much more.

The Community Chill Zone is sponsored by:

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Campsite Rental
For One Person

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Campsite Rental
For Two People

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Amenities Include:

Air Mattresses • Chairs • LED Lights • Tent Fans

Pillows • Linens • Coolers

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*Booking a tent rental does NOT include festival admission. All festival tickets MUST be purchased separately. All rentals are subject to State Taxes and fees.

Some amenities are included with an additional charge